You’ve probably heard about Twitter shadow banning, censoring and punishing prominent users like Milo Yiannopoulos, Pax Dickinson, Mike Cernovich and others they disagree with like Chuck Johnson.

A few months ago, word leaked that Twitter is shadowbanning users.

As a lover of Twitter, borderline conspiracy loon and an idea addict, I had to do something to keep my source of intellectual dopamine steady.

So I created Fearce.

Fearce gives you a live, uncensored newsfeed from shadowbanned Twitter neighborhoods.

Click here to see the list of Thought Criminals on Fearce.

The responses to Fearce have been overwhelmingly positive.

It’s been praised by everyone from the world’s most notorious hacker (Weev), statistician and blogger William Briggs, alt-right memewunderkind Ricky Vaughn to tech journalist Andrea Castillo.


Like Donald Trump and Dilbert-creator Scott Adams, I start my days by checking out the press and mentions from my different businesses and projects.

Imagine my surprise yesterday morning, when a search of Fearce’s mentions of  yielded the following…


Twitter censored my app about Twitter censorship!

All they left was one tweet from a lonely loser who has been stalking me for weeks.

Thankfully, I snagged a screenshot of some of Fearce’s  mentions before the censorship.

Here you see the mentions before and after:


And here is a day’s analytics showing the traffic Fearce gets from Twitter:


From this we can conclude two things:

  • Twitter’s users are very interested in Twitter censorship
  • Twitter doesn’t like its users knowing or talking about Twitter censorship!

It turns out my site wasn’t the only one affected by Twitter’s search results scrubbing.

Mike Cernovich’s Danger and Play – another site with “wrongthink” opinions that gets huge traffic from Twitter – also saw his site scrubbed from the results over the weekend.


With news emerging that Twitter, Facebook, Google and Microsoft are in cohorts to delete “hate speech” from the internet, it’s becoming clear that the companies that control how we see our media now want to take heavy-handed control over what we see.

We’re entering a new era of censorship where they censor the censorship. Tweet with caution!

It’d be funny if it wasn’t so absurd.

They don’t get it though.

The more they try to fight and oppress thought, the more powerful those thinkers grow.

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