The Forgotten, Forbidden Masters of the Human Race

For thousands of years, another race of men lived on Earth.

This race had many names.

The Cherokees called them Tsunil’Kalu.

In Hebrew, they were the Nephilim.

They may be the basis for the Greek and Roman “gods” — Apollo, Zeus, Aphrodite, Mars, and all that.

They were the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt.

In Pan Europa, their memory survives as legends of giants and vampires.

They were much taller than humans nowadays.

They had red hair. Some say they had six fingers, six toes and two rows of teeth.

Their skulls — and brains — were much larger than modern man’s.

And they didn’t waste that brain power…

They ruled the world.

They built giant pyramids everywhere they went.

You can still see ruins of these pyramids in China, Korea, Indonesia, Egypt, Mexico, Belize and Guatemala.

Their pyramids in Bosnia, Greece, Illinois (Cahokia) and Jackson, Tennessee (Pinson Mounds) are now overtaken by nature, but the shape and size are still apparent.

In central Africa, cave drawings depicting humans with giant heads can be found near Oklo, an ancient “natural nuclear fission reactor”.

From the similarity and degree of skill seen in their architecture, construction practices, burial customs and artifacts, it is evident they oversaw a global, high-tech civilization.

This may be the basis for the legend of Atlantis.

They had a rather contemptuous view of modern man.

According to some legends, the giants claimed to have created modern man as a race of slaves.

The stories say they used modern man in ritual sacrifices, or even as food.

Then the giants began to die out.

They would only marry and breed with others of their kind.

As their numbers dwindled, they inbred.

The last recorded ruler of their kind is Tutankhamun. King Tut married his half-sister, and they failed to have children.

When the last survivors intermixed with modern man, their power and intelligence dwindled.

Their few descendants withdrew from society.

In the Americas, they fled to the mountains and distant plains and were hunted down by their former subjects. They lived in scattered tribes until just a few centuries ago.

In Europe, they lived in isolation — inspiring the myth of vampires. Though there are rumors of the occasional royal being born with six fingers and toes.

If you search old U.S.A. newspaper archives, you’ll find many reports of giants dug up on construction sites.

Sometime in the last hundred years, these giants were forgotten. Perhaps we’ve just been too busy with other things.

Remember hearing what happened when Europeans first arrived in South America?

The Mayans and Aztecs thought the Europeans were returning gods.

That’s because their “gods” were tall, white men with red hair.


The official story of these giant skeletons is that their skulls are the result of head binding.

Binding the skull can only redistribute volume, not expand it.

Have a look at the photos and compare the skulls from this race to modern man.

You’re smart enough to decide for yourself.

Plus, this explanation doesn’t answer the most important question:

Why would someone bind their skull to make it look longer?

They bound their skulls for the same reason people buy fake Louis Vuitton bags and wear fake jewelry:

To try to (cheaply) buy their way into the ruling class.


As you think about it, you may start to realize that this idea isn’t that unusual.

In fact, you could say it’s a biological and evolutionary norm.

Queen ants are much larger than worker ants and have wings. Queen bees are larger than normal bees. Mongooses and Meerkats have a similar social structure.

Why would man be any different?

The real question you may be wondering is:

Are any of them still around?