THE DAY YOU BECAME THE AUTHOR OF YOUR LIFE (part two of why i bet $1000 on Trump)
Remember history class?
The teacher would talk about the “Dark Ages”.
It makes you wonder…did the people alive then think they were in the middle of a “Dark Age”?
If you were living in a “Dark Age”, would you know it?
Probably not.
Most of them were focused on their day-to-day lives, just like we are.
It’s hard to know what other times were like since you weren’t living then.
In the Dark Ages, people believed that Roman ruins had been left by aliens or angels.
They had lost the ability to dream and create. They could not believe that other men made such wonderful things.
Remember reading about persuasion yesterday?
The words we use show our beliefs. The words we hear create our beliefs.
Let me give you an example.
This one comes courtesy of Peter Thiel.
Mr. Thiel is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor. He created PayPal. He was the first investor in Facebook.
Decades ago, we called the U.S. and Western Europe “First World Countries”.
Other countries were “Second World” or “Third World”.
Somewhere along the way, these terms were replaced with “developed” and “developing”.
Think about that word — “developed”.
What does it say?
It says there is no more growth or progress.
It says that only OTHER people from OTHER countries can improve.
But is that true?
Or is it possible, as Mr. Thiel says, that by using these words people are imposing limits on themselves?
Without realizing it, the First World has persuaded itself that we cannot grow or progress.
Oh, yeah, Mr. Thiel is most recently known for being the gay speaker at Donald Trump’s Republican convention.
I have to confess something to you.
These last couple of posts have been about the power of words and ideas and how they shape our lives.
You’ve learned how people skilled in persuasion can put ideas into your mind without you knowing it.
(You probably have thousands of their ideas running in your mind right now. Some are good. Some are bad.)
I told you yesterday I made the Trump bet to get your attention.
I risked $1000 for you, so that you would read this post…
Like you’re sitting there reading right now.
I did all that for one reason…
To put an idea into your head.
Think of this like planting a seed.
For weeks nothing happens.
After months the seed sprouts.
After years it’s a small tree.
After decades it’s the highest peak in the forest.
The idea you are going to take away from this post is this:
You are the author of your life.
You already know this.
Think about how people describe different phases of life —
“Chapters” and “turning the page”.
Whatever it is you want, you simply write that chapter of your own life.
Now that we have planted this seed, you’ll be learning in the coming months and years how to nurture and grow it.
For that, You will use the tools of persuasion.
You’ll learn how to use simple changes in the words you think and say to change your beliefs, actions and outcomes.
This isn’t a course, a guide or a program.
Life doesn’t work like that. Every man must forge his own path.
You get to decide your own way.
Since adopting this own idea and using persuasion on myself every day, the following has happened:
– My business has grown exponentially. Think commas and zeros in places they weren’t before.
– I’ve *possibly* discovered a treatment for a disease with no previously known remedy. (To be fair, it’s too early to say if this will work. But there may be hope for the first time for tens of thousands of people.)
– In basketball, I went from being a bad shooter to nearly automatic from the free throw line. I did this in three months without any practice or even visualization.
– I’ve lost 20 pounds (10 kilos) without counting calories or really even trying.
There’s even more than that. I’ll be sharing more details over time.
What’s crazy is that most of these things just came to fruition within the last week or so…
Just like watching a seed sprout and grow.
And it’s just the beginning.
This does not mean life becomes all rainbows and unicorns.
As you become the author of your life, you will realize that the default result in life is decline, rot and decay.
It takes special effort to grow and progress.
Donald Trump knows this too.
In November 2012, the week after Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney in the U.S. President Election, Mr. Trump trademarked the phrase “Make America Great Again”.
Over the last few years, Trump used persuasion to convince himself he can be president.
Now, he is using persuasion to convince everyone else.
Over these next weeks and months, as you watch Trump’s poll numbers steadily rise and then see him win in a blowout on election day, think of this:
If Donald Trump can make himself president in the book of his life…
What can you write in your story?