Never Pay for Drinks Again! (for men only)

We’ve all been there when tragedy strikes.

Maybe it was you. Maybe it was a buddy.

It’s Friday night at the bar. You’re enjoying some drinks with friends when a lovely lass catches your eye.

“Let me buy a drink”, you say.

Maybe she lets you. After a few moments of stifled conversation, she politely ejects.

You return to your buddies 10 bucks poorer, ready to nurse the wounds to your ego with more beers.

Yet, the next weekend, there you are again. You try the same approach and experience the same failure.

No matter how many times it fails, many of our soldiers out there in the dating battlefield still deploy this strategy.

The good news is — there’s a better way.

You see, the drink you buy isn’t just a drink.

It’s a symbol from a bygone era.

For thousands of years, women have relied on men to gather resources.

Like birds, women sat at the nest while us men brought back sticks, worms and roughage. They nested, we hunted.

Hence, the drink.

It shows a girl that you’ve got worms, sticks and resources to spare. You’d be a good mate choice to keep the nest filled and the baby chicks full and healthy.

The problem is:

Now that women are either working or getting paid by the government, they no longer need men’s resources.

Just as women have adapted to this changing environment, so too must men!

Here’s how:

Next time you’re at the bar and see a lovely lady, flip the script!

Ask the girl to buy you a drink.

You might think it sounds crazy…

But the truth is it’s easier to get a girl to buy you a drink than to buy a drink for a girl.

Plus, it works. It’s a great ice breaker.

Chances are she’s already had a dozen offers for drinks that night. This way, you immediately separate yourself from the pack.

For her, it’ll be a novel, creative and funny proposition. A few bucks for a drink is a welcome price to pay for a laugh and a memorable conversation with a stimulating man.

Really, you’ll be doing her a favor if you think about it.

Headed out to the bars this weekend? Give it a shot!

I can’t guarantee success the first time, but with practice you’ll be drinking for free and meeting girls for years to come.

P.S. There is a actually a second level to this.

Over time, as you become accustomed to having women buy you drinks, they will sense this…

And they’ll buy you drinks without asking.

That is enlightenment.