Lindy Effect SEO with Nassim Taleb

If I had an elephant for every SEO agency proposal I’ve seen that didn’t mention links, I’d start a circus.

In the recent years, SEO agencies have tried to differentiate themselves by ignoring the aspects of SEO that actually make a difference.

Don’t believe me? Are you still drinking the inbound marketing kool-aid?

Then maybe you’ll listen to Nassim Taleb.

Nassim Taleb is a multi-millionaire investor, author and philosopher. He’s written New York Times Bestsellers like Antifragile, Fooled by Randomness and The Black Swan. He also publicly predicted (and profited from) the market crash in 2008.

Lately, Mr. Taleb has written about the “Lindy Effect” theory. The Lindy effect says that the life expectancy of technology increases by one day for every day it is in use.

For example, the wheel has been around for thousands of years and will live for thousands more. Cell phones are 30 years old and will be here at least another 30 years…

Google has used links as the basis for its search algorithm for 20 years already.

If the Lindy Effect holds true, links will still be the basis of Google’s algorithm in 2037.

Either that, or Google will have been replaced by something else!

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