This post is about how I reversed hair loss and regrew a new layer of hair in less than a year.
The method I used is completely free, and it’s easy.
I did it without drugs, creams, shampoos, lotions, magic spells, surgery or lasers.
Anybody with a few extra minutes per day can try it.
Caveat: I cannot promise you the same results that I had!
I knew from looking at the mirror and the shower drain that I had some thinning…
But it wasn’t until I saw a photo of me lounging at the park taken from above that I knew the truth:
I was nearly bald.
Cue the grim reaper, fears of decline and senility, etc., etc.
After stressing for a week, I decided to do something.
An ex-girlfriend had told me about a method men in the Arab world use to keep their scalps and hair healthy.
I did some research into it and found a scientific study and other anecdotal evidence supporting it.
I decided to give it a shot.
In less than two weeks, I had new hairs sprouting all over my skull.
Those hairs have continued to grow for almost a year now.
I cannot say that my hair is the same as it was when I was 16, nor if it will it ever be.
You can still see some hair loss now. But as the photos show it is much, much better than a year ago.
How did I do it?
With aggressive, daily massage.
The idea is that, as you grow older — and perhaps this is a byproduct of testosterone production — the skin on your head binds to your skull.
The goal is to loosen the skin on your scalp via vigorous massage.
You want to really dig in to the skin like you’re kneading dough. Pinch and prod and squeeze.
The first few times you do it all sorts of oil and gunk will come out.
That’s to be expected.
With blood and nutrients flowing again to your hair follicles, you start to regrow hair.
I started off massaging for 20 minutes or so per day. After the hairs sprouted I cut it back to five to ten.
After my initial good results, I got a little lazy applying my own medicine.
With another round of massage, I believe that my hair will continue to improve.
The keys to success are making it a habit and tracking your progress.
The easiest way to form a new habit is to attach it to something you already do every day.
Since you (hopefully) shower daily, I recommend doing the massage right after you shower. Let the air dry you instead of a towel 😉
…Or if you watch TV, spend 30 minutes massaging your head while your favorite show is on.
To track your results, just take some photos!
I set a reminder on my phone that goes off at the beginning of every month, then it’s skull selfie time.
Easy peazy lemon squeezy.
If you decide to give this a try then let me know how it goes!
Remember: You didn’t lose your hair overnight. You’re not going to regrow it overnight either.
Be patient. You’re in this for the long haul.
I’m releasing this to the public with the hope that some of you men out there dealing with this will also give it a try and hopefully get the same or better results.
How awesome would it be if we managed to solve the problem of male pattern baldness?