How to Find Mystery Keywords and Rank into the Abyss

As the American poet laureate Donald Rumsfeld said, there are degrees of unknowns.

You’ve got your known knowns. These are the things you know that you know. Then there are known unknowns. Things you know you don’t know.

Then there are unknown unknowns.

Those are things you don’t know that you don’t know.

…And not knowing what you don’t know, is really worse than knowing nothing at all!

According to Google, 15% of searches are original. Considering Google handles trillions or searches per year, every day there are three to five billion search queries that have never been searched before.

…And some of those folks probably want to buy stuff.

So how the flip do you rank for keywords which have never been searched?

The same way Google does, we scrape! =)

Jokes aside, the real answer is more tactfully known as dynamic content.

That means automatically generated content from websites and resources generated by real people and discussion.

Incorporating this kind of content onto your site is the best way to capture all these mystery search strings, include impossible-to-predict keywords and be on the cutting edge as language and slang evolves.

For example, you can use Twitter’s streaming API to grab mentions of a certain keyword and recreate those on your site. The same can be done for sites like Reddit, Medium, Voat, on niche-specific forums and so on.

Just make sure what you’re doing is within the Terms of Service of the site and that you provide links and attribution.

Rather than just simply scraping — which is a bit basic — you should also add additional value.

You can use Machine Learning to do sentiment analysis of the texts you’re analyzing and give your site’s visitors data on how positive or negative the internet views a particular topic.

Pretty cool, eh?

So, go forth and scrape my young squire 😉