How to Double Your News-Tainment in Half The Time

As Denzel said on Training Day of the news:

“It’s 90 percent bullshit, but it’s entertaining.”

What if I told you you could get the same information in half the time, and be at least TWICE as entertained?

You’d be a fool not to take up that offer!

Here’s how you do it:

ONLY get your news from conspiracy theory sites.

Some great things about conspiracy theorists —

a.) They give you the official version of events.

That way you’re prepared for banal discussion at after-work drinks without sounding like a tinfoil hat wearer.

b.) They point out shortcomings and holes in the Official Story.

“No way would the media lie to me about what happened to that gazillion dollars! Oh, look! Kim Kardashian went to Taco Bell!”

c.) They give their own version of what happened.

This may or may not be tethered to reality.

Of course, you could say the same about the Official Story. But at least you get a different perspective to help form your own opinion about world events. Yay.