How to B.S. Your Way Through Life

You’re an animal.

When you have food, clothing and shelter, it’s hard to keep that inner animal motivated.

You’re also human, and you want to do cool stuff. Doing cool stuff is hard. It’s a grind.

…And because of that food-clothing-shelter thingy you don’t always feel like grinding, do you?

Fortunately, today is your lucky day.

Today you’re going to learn how to trick yourself into doing those things you need to do in order to be what you want to be…

And it won’t even seem like grinding.

Happiness is based on progress. It’s relative — billionaires and celebrities are depressed. Their lives are based on materialism. Once they have everything they want, there is nothing lift for them to strive toward.

If you feel like you are becoming closer to your ideal, you will be happier.

As you sit there reading this post, take a moment and imagine that idealized version of yourself.

Think about what your average day would be like. Imagine where, how, when and with whom you’d wake up.

What would your routine be like? How would you work? What would you do for fun?

Ask yourself — what would that ideal version of yourself be doing right now?

Now go do that.

You can use this little trick all day, if you want.

Just pretend you are living that ideal life you seek. Pretend that you’re that version of you already.

Whatever it is you need to do, you’ll begin to mentally go through the steps needed. Your body will soon follow. Just pretend.

Don’t believe me?

I had nothing to write about today. I spent 10 minutes staring at a blank screen.

Then I asked myself:

“How would it feel to be writing a great blog post right now?”