Through Gulag-Colored Glasses

Let’s pick on North Korea.

Yes, we’re going to kick a horse while it’s down.

Ever tried kicking a horse before? You sure don’t want to while he’s standing!

We can all agree that North Korean society is in deep decline.

They’re often on the brink of starvation. Corruption is so infused with daily life that it has crossed the spectrum into order.

On the plus side, there is a golf course and casino in Pyongyang.

I’m going to list out a few events which may or may not have occurred in the last decade in North Korea.

You guess if true or false:

  1. North Korea held elections, and Kim Jong Un was elected with 100% of the vote in many precincts.
  2. North Korean police visited the home of citizens who criticized government policy on social media. They reprimanded the citizens for “sedition”.
  3. Kim Jong Un’s brother is the leader of a province. The parliamentary election for that province ended in a tie.Of the two candidates, one was loyal to Kim Jon Un, and one was not. The candidate loyal to Kim Jon Un won the recount.
  4. In another province, there were three candidates for parliament. The first two candidates were outspoken critics of the regime. The third candidate supported Kim Jong Un, though he was not popular with voters.A company owned by Kim Jong Un donated, for free, special vote-counting software for the election. Kim Jong Un’s candidate did shockingly and unexpectedly well in the election.
  5. At a soccer match against Iran, the North Korean crowd began to riot after a controversial ending.After virtually destroying the stadium, the crowd only left after the army brought in artillery and threatened to shell the stadium.


How did you guess?

Most of these seem pretty plausible for North Korea, right?

If you’ve been reading my posts, you’re probably pretty bright. You also suspect something else is going on here.

You’re right. Those were (mostly) fictions analogies.

– North Korea does hold elections, and Kim Jong Un was elected with 100% of the votes. Clearly fraudulent or coerced, right?

But know who else who was elected with 100% of the votes in some precincts?

Barack Obama.

– Here in The Netherlands, Dutch police have been visiting the homes of “seditious” people who criticize the Dutch regime’s foreign immigration policies on Twitter.

– Famously, George W. Bush’s brother was governor of Florida during the disputed presidential election of 2000. George won in a controversial recount.

– On Monday, Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio vastly exceeded all expectations and polls in the Iowa primary elections.

Microsoft provided the vote counting software, for free. Microsoft is Rubio’s second largest donor.


There’s a famous quote attributed to an 18th century Irish politician called Edmund Burke.

“Evil wins when good men do nothing.”

Before good people can do something, they first have to imagine that evil and corruption can exist…

Not just over there. Right here.

P.S. That soccer riot really did happen in North Korea.