Fishing With Drones

What follows is a half-baked recipe for a post-industrial strength, robot-powered fish find and destroy machine.

For the uninitiated, most fishermen these days use fish finders on their boats.

The fish finder sends out a sonar signal. The reverberating information is shown on a display in your boat. You can see the trees, stumps, creeks, and — most importantly — fish which lurk below.

A lot of time in fishing is spent riding from place to place watching that fish finder.

My idea to save time and make fishing more effective is this:

A system of floating, RC-powered fish finders carried from location-to-location via drone.

You program a handful of GPS coordinates into your drone — spots known to be good for fishing at your lake or river.

The drone then flies around and drops those floating fish finders at the pre-set waypoints.

The signal from those fish finders is then sent back to your boat.

You have a split-screen view of all 5-10 sonar readings on your monitor. You press a button and it zooms in on the location of choice.

Once you see where the fish are, you then boat over to that spot and start fishing.

While you’re fishing there you can keep an eye on your other hot spots and/or send your drone to drop fish finders at other places.

Breaking down the tech:

– Floating fish finders already exist.
– The drone carry and drop off mechanism could be done using magnets.
– I’m not sure if any commercially available drones have the power to carry objects. Some tech development may be needed there.
– Another issue is how to transmit the depth finder sonar data across these distances. Probably 4G.
– For the readings and viewings in your boat, a shell OS running separate virtual machines for each of the depth finders would do the trick.

The biggest problem I can see is that other fishermen would come by and steal your depth finder!

Perhaps if you weight them in a manner so that the float just below the surface. This would make them difficult for other fishermen to locate, yet still able to be picked up via the drone’s magnet system.

So concludes today’s glimpse into The Future.