Don’t Read This Unless You Want to Feel Great

I once spent a summer working as a veterinarian’s assistant.

My main responsibility was picking up poop.

I did learn a couple of important facts about the animal care business.

1.) Your first duty when you work for a vet: make sure the vet never gets bit.

2.) A dog shows his emotions with his body. If a dog is scared, he’ll tuck his tail between his legs and lower his head.

A scared dog bites (see point #1). So it’s important to keep your dogs happy and confident.

A simple little trick when you have a nervous dog is to grab his tail and raise it up. When you pet him, pet UNDER the chin rather than on top of their head. That way, he has to raise his head up into a more confident pose to be petted.

Its a win-win for you and the dog.

The same thing can also be true with humans. Read on, and you’ll see.

As you sit there, pause a moment and take emotional stock of yourself.

Maybe you feel sort of neutral, mildly curious about where I’m going with this…

Now smile. Really smile.

Flex those muscles of your face until the corner of those luscious lips of yours almost hit your eyeballs.

It’s ok to smile right now, even if you’re in public.

Good work!

Now, take emotional stock of yourself again.

Do you notice that you can’t help but feel a little better when you smile? It feels like a little ray of sunshine just splashed on your face, or that you found 20 bucks in your pocket you had forgotten about.


Just like dogs, we can’t help but have our emotions follow our physicality.

Since we’re humans and infinitely more complex than animals, we also have access to another, more powerful, secret dimension…

The channel to this dimension is always open, and you are always influencing it whether you know it or not.

Taking conscious control of this dimension is like discovering a super power.

Have you seen Star Wars? Imagine you woke up tomorrow and knew The Force. We’re talking levitation, mind control, and light sabers, Brosef.

Now you’ll learn that secret:

The words you use to think the thoughts you think decide the emotions you feel.

That’s a mouthful, so take a second to read it again. Really think about the implications of what you’re reading, and then I’ll give you an applicable example.

Let’s say you’re not feeling your best one morning.

Maybe you’re hungover or you stayed up too late watching Netflix. Problem is your boss is breathing down your neck for those TPS reports, but you don’t have the energy to work hard.

What if you started thinking about and saying the word — “Energy”?

Think of how you would feel like if you DID have the energy. Remember a time in the past when you were at your best and did great work. What does energy feel like in your arms and legs? In your mind? Probably you feel more focused energy.

You might notice that even just saying or thinking the word “energy” makes you feel energetic!

Right now, at this moment, you probably feel you have more energy than you did when you first started reading this. Cool, huh?

Imagine all the other emotions you may want to feel — love, happiness, power, relaxation. Just by using those words and thinking about how they made you feel in the past, you can feel however you want, whenever you want.

Obviously, there are some limits to this — you probably won’t be able to levitate tomorrow.

But why not find out where those limits are?

P.S. Hope you have a great, energetic day 😉