Une Grande Annonce

Short version:

I’m going to start keeping a daily journal on social media of my creative endeavors. I’m prone to bouts of laziness and easily distracted, and I need massive social pressure to get anything done in life.

Long version:

One of my biggest fears is leaving meat on the bone.

I have this theory that every person has X number of possibilities for the expression of his innermost being.

One person, hundreds or maybe thousands of potential lives his unique collection of DNA backlit by a God-given soul can embody in this flawed world.

You go to law school and become this person. You get married young and have kids and became that person. You drop out of school and fly the coup to Nepal and who knows!

At different times in life we’re presented with forks in the road. The direction we take determines our future choices for years and decades to come.

Along with this theory, I see it as my duty to…maximize the expression of my possibilities. Whatever it is that I am or could be, I have to become the most of that man.

Not a bad life philosophy probably…

But if we all lived in this way there would be a lot of dirty toilets in the world!

Here’s the problem: thinking and believing this is one thing. Actually doing the work and living it is something else entirely.

It’s easy to want to launch that app or finish that art project.

Doing the actual work is hard.

We’re talking hours upon hours of drudgery. Solitary suffering with an LCD screen illuminating the angst and despair on your face.

At times like these I like to hold a kitchen knife in my hand — for lack of better weapon options here in The Netherlands — and threaten my Macbook into compliance. =/

Unfortunately, violence can only get you so far in life. =/

For the most part, I have no real boss or accountability outside of myself.

While I’ve been doing pretty good so far, I’m left with the nagging feeling that I could and should be doing more.

More, more, more.

So that’s where this GRAND¬†ANNOUNCEMENT comes in.

I’ve been reading this excellent book called “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg.

In the book, Mr. Duhigg cited a study that found that the biggest predictor of people following through on volunteer and charity commitments were when the commitment was social in nature. I.e. if their friends were all doing it, they would do it to.

This was way more important than ideology, religion, financial or social status, so on and so forth.

So, that got me thinking (Always dangerous)…

Without a pointy headed boss or the threat of Pavlovian electroshock to scare me into disciplined daily diligence, how could I create my own form of social accountability?

Shame is a powerful motivator.

So, here’s what I decided to do:

– From now on until sometime in the undetermined future, I’m going to be posting daily journals like this one on Facebook, Instagram, whatever.

I will write in brief about what I’m working on, what’s on my mind, etc., etc., from the day before. This will force me into making the most of every day, since I’ll definitely want to have a cool story to tell y’all. Bwahaha.

– Every week, on Friday, I will post a new artsy fartsy image. Only exception is when I have a pre-planned off-week. Like Christmas or so. I’ll let you know beforehand. No B.S.

– The Alpha super crappy version of my newest app will launch on December 18th. Yikes.

– I’m learning to make music and beats right now. No deadlines yet because my skills are still too crappy. Just need time to play and learn.

If you don’t care to read or follow along with my work, then I’m sure the talented Mr. Zuckerberg has programmed some sort of ignore function into his fine platforms.

Feel free to report me as spam or abuse.

Failing that, like, turn your head, dude. Close your eyes, whatever.

That’s all for today. More tomorrow.

– Kyle

P.S. Image pictured is called “The Kiss”. It was an “image of the week” that took me about two weeks to finish. See, I really do need this!